In this isometric point&click you play a 5-year old girl who wants to get a cookie. How? By exploring (and abusing) the many many different ways of achieving your goal.

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  • Thirteen different solutions to achieve your goal.
  • HTML5 with no installation of plug-ins required.
  • Role-play as a realistically written 5-year old girl in this tiny epic.
  • Sandbox environment to manipulate to your desire.
  • Uses custom-made semantics system for fewer puzzle frustrations.
  • The same sort of humour you'd expect from people who also created the fanficmaker.


The game is controlled through mouse or touch.

  • Left click/touch to move or interact
  • Right click/hold to examine

If you have a keyboard:

  • 'I' for item inventory (the backpack)
  • 'C' for concept inventory (the thought bubble)
  • 'H' for help page
  • 'Tab' for object highlight

You can use WASD to move, but it is not entirely reliable.

The game is best suited to be played in resolutions higher than 1024x768.

High resolution touch screen devices are supported.


Meryll wants a Cookie is the first part of a two-part project. We designed Meryll to test our technology and gameplay design for our next project. As such, please leave in the comments any niggles or feedback you wish to share.

And if you enjoy it, feel free to leave a donation for our future game development budget!


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nice. but unfortunately quite buggy.

Like it :)

Deleted post

I managed to get 10 out of 13 endings and I'm listing the ones I got!

Ending 1: Jammie Dodger - Use the credit card to purchase cookies.

Ending 2: Digestive - Stack the books and climb on them to reach the cookie jar.

Ending 3: JaffaCake - Use the 'Be one with' Concept on the cookie jar.

Ending 4: Chocolate Chip - This is the one where you straight-up summon a demon.

Ending 5: Oreo - Blackmail Wendy

Ending 6: Rice Cracker - Edit the magazine, then sweeten the wine and use it on Wendy. Oncethis is done give her the magazine.

Ending 7: ??? - ???

Ending 8: ??? - ???

Ending 9: Kitchen Sink Cookie - yeet an item at something that you want to break (or if you got the lighter, torch something), then keep destroying the area.

Ending 10: Fortune Cookie - Hack the bookcase, then use the secret passageway to reach the magical wish-granting cookie tree.

Ending 11: Website Cookie - Hack Wendy.

Ending 12: ??? - ???

Ending 13: Mega Cookie - Hack the TV to reach the cookie stock channel, then use the 'Stock tips' concept on the computer, then check all the boxes and set preferences.


Ending 7: Unscrew the sofa's wheels, put them on the chair, push it towards the shelf and climb.

Ending 8: Haven't got this this one, I managed the get the chair's legs by throwing wine at it, but couldn't use them.

Ending 12: Hack yourself, then kung fu the bookshelf twice

Ending 8: break chair with screwdriver (or launching stuff) then select chair's legs and use on yourself



Funny Username you got there Dr.Sleepy

been my username in most o my socials! :)

I love it.

This is great. XD